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"I am a battle-tested principled conservative, fiscally responsible individual.  I believe that people should always come before politics.  I govern and make decisions with the same set of values that I demonstrate in my personal life.  I live with the basic core principle that I will seek to honor God and my family in all that I say and do."  



Coming from a family of educators and teaching high school American History myself, I can attest to the challenges that exist in our education field.  Parents are the highest stakeholders and should always have the first and most important voice in the decision making process of our schools.  This is where the battle is.  Producing a strong work force begins with educating our children properly.  I support the money following the student to wherever the families feel is the best avenue to effectively educate their child.  I also support higher pay for higher qualified teachers.  There are unions to represent the teachers.  I will represent the students and families.  

I am a proponent of the free market and will continue to oppose higher taxes and unreasonable and unnecessary regulations on our small businesses which always lead to higher prices for consumers and lower wages for our workers.  Basic economics!  Florida has been the "shining city on a hill" for economic freedom.  Let's keep it rolling.

D.C. v. Heller clearly settled the second amendment debate on the individual rights to bear arms.  I support the constitutional carry initiative.  The narrative from the left suggesting that will open us up to higher crime rates and increased violence is based simply on an outplayed narrative, not the facts.  It is past time for Florida to join the 21 other states by passing this constitutional legislation.   


There is no ability to enjoy individual liberty or pursue happiness without first being able to experience life.  Either you value life at all stages or you do not.  God's Word is clear in Jeremiah that "He formed us and set us apart."  We are made in the image of God and, therefore, we have individual purpose and meaning.  Our rights come from God, not government, and we have a constitution that serves to protect those rights from being infringed.  That begins with our right to life.  


Healthcare is a commodity and a service!  And much like every other commodity and service, the free market system is the best and most efficient means of producing the highest quality and most affordable outcome.  History is repeat with the failures of government-led programs.  Market-driven, patient-centered policies are the most effective and proven means of ensuring high quality and affordable healthcare for our families and seniors.   


Public safety is the backbone of any civilized society and I'm proud of the leadership in Florida to support law enforcement across the board.  While the radical left is focused on eliminating police through defunding, I will be a consistent voice to make sure our communities and state are doing everything possible to recruit and retain the best and brightest police officers.  

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